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There are a lot of Beatles tributes out there but none of them caputre the wit and spontaneiity of the Beatles like Britain's Finest while still staying true to the music and portraying each Beatle accurately. Every time I see the band I end up laughing, singing, dancing, and screaming, feeling like a wild teenager in the midst of real Beatlemania. This is the one Beatles Tribute to check out. You will leave the show smiling.

-Rosie Farias

bBritains Finest FansI know that there are many Beatles fans out there, especially those of the younger gI know that there are many Beatles fans out there, especially those of the younger generations like my own, who wonder what it would have been like to see the legendary Fabs perform live in concert. Well, I can assure you that Britain's Finest is without a doubt the most spot-on Beatles tribute band you can find; their performances never cease to entertain and amaze. The songs are perfectly recreated note-for-note, and sometimes the band sneaks in gags that hark back to some of the Beatles' recording sessions. The outfits they wear, from the classic black suits with Beatle Boots and moptop haircuts, to the vibrant Sgt. Pepper uniforms and the long-haired Abbey Road era, are all important requisites in showing the Beatles' physical and musical transitions throughout their ten-year journey. Even the band's playful banter and witty humor, laced with the Beatles' famous Scouse accents, make for an altogether unique and historically-precise presentation that truly is 'not just a tribute, but an experience.enerations like my own, who wonder what ity-precise presentation that truly is 'not just a tribute, but an experience.'

-Lauren Kisich

"As close to the real deal as you may ever find in this lifetime."


Britain's Finest is an incredible band...extremely talented, professional, and accommodating! Probably one of the most successful and entertaining concerts we’ve had to date. I highly recommend this extraordinary band and hope to have them back to play our concert series again.
- Amy Lawrence (City of Palm Desert Event Coordinator)

“ You guys are really great, you remind me so much of the lads”

- Lee Decarlo (Recording Engineer, John Lennon’s Double Fantasy)

“Interviewing Britain’s Finest must have been what it would’ve been like interviewing the Beatles”

- Chris Carter (Host of Breakfast with The Beatles, KLOS)

Britain's Finest had us believing that we were standing in a room with John, Paul, George and Ringo. They had perfected every nuance of each member of the band, and the effort paid off in a rich experience for all who attended the live performance at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood and the approximately 38 million who watched on AXS TV. 

- Bob Leggit (

Last summer I was very fortunate to stumble into a performance of a Beatles "tribute" band called "Britain's Finest". A group of Southern California musicians that have taken the onstage personas of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Now speaking as someone who has heard the Beatles musical catalog up and down, left and right and sideways, Britain's Finest gets it all right every time. Note for note and dead on vocals convey the energy and personalities that made up The Beatles. If you fancy yourself a Beatles fan then I highly recommend you check out Britain's Finest.

Sal Gomez (

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